The Chancellor's Art Exhibit at Embry-Riddle



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I used Pointillism and acrylic painting.

I made this piece with the intention to encourage my boyfriend to never forget that God is with him. This work took between forty and fifty hours to complete, since this work consisted in painting by using dots and small details.

I wanted to show that nature does not have a specific color, but that it is composed by a harmonious dance of different hues.

I chose the verse Proverbs 3:5,6 because it represents a turning point in my boyfriend's spiritual life. With the painting, I wanted to show him that I am so proud of him, not for becoming a Christian, but that he wants to become a better person for his family, myself, those around him, and most importantly, for God.

I am not trying to convert anyone to Christianity; I am only expressing the love I have for my boyfriend through nature.


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