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Dr. Borge is an assistant professor in the Learning, Design, and Technology program in the College of Education at the Pennsylvania State University. Her research interests are at the intersection of learning, cognition, and design. She examines computer supported collaborative learning processes across the lifespan. Her current research focuses on unpacking collaborative sense-making processes in technologically enhanced educational contexts in order to understand how groups learn, What problems they face, and how to design tools and interventions to enhance collective thinking processes. One of her current projects examines how children ages 8 - 12 collaborate on human-centered design projects in play-based, informal contexts and how technology impacts their social learning processes. Another project examines the utility of an online tool designed to help undergraduate students learn how to collectively monitor and regulate collaborative sense-making processes.

Areas of Interest and Expertise: Computer-supported collaborative learning, sociometacognition, human-centered educational design, the design and evaluation of technological tools to enhance collective thinking processes and support learning communities.


Office: 301 Keller Building

University Park, 16802