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Thesis - Open Access

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Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering


Aerospace Engineering

Committee Chair

Vladimir Golubev, PhD.

First Committee Member

Reda Mankbadi, PhD.

Second Committee Member

Wagdi Habashi, PhD.

Third Committee Member

Uyi Idahosa, PhD.

Fourth Committee Member

Hany Moustapha, PhD.


A novel approach to icing control using an array of thermally activated synthetic jet actuators (SJAs) embedded in a wedge surface subject to a super-cooled flow is investigated numerically. The effects of SJA actuation with and without jet heating on ice accretion are studied using the FENSAP-ICE software. It is shown that the heated actuating SJAs can lead to a significant reduction in the amount of ice accreted on the surface. Additional parametric studies on several icing and SJA parameters are analyzed for their influence on the amount of ice accretion.