Ron Aditya

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Thesis - Open Access

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Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering


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Dr. Mark Balas

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Dr. Darris White

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Dr. Bogdan Udrea

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Dr. Richard Prazenica


In this paper we explore a Direct Adaptive Control scheme for stabilizing a non-linear, physics based model of the longitudinal dynamics for an air breathing hypersonic vehicle. The model, derived from first principles, captures the complex interactions between the propulsion system, aerodynamics, and structural dynamics. The linearized aircraft dynamics show unstable and non-minimum phase behavior. It also shows a strong short period coupling with the fuselage-bending mode. The value added by direct adaptive control and the theoretical requirements for stable convergent operation is displayed. One of the main benefits of the Directive Adaptive Control is that it can be implemented knowing very little detail about the plant. The implementation uses only measured output feedback to accomplish the adaptation. A stability analysis is conducted on the linearized plant to understand the complex aero-propulsion and structural interactions. The multivariable system possesses certain characteristics beneficial to the adaptive control scheme; we discuss these advantages and ideas for future work.