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Thesis - Open Access

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Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering


Graduate Studies

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Dr. Mark Ricklick

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Dr. Lakshmanan Narayanaswami

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Dr. J. Gordon Leishman


A numerical investigation for predicting the heat transfer effects of turbulence was conducted by making a scaled-up model of a section in a jet impingement channel. Different turbulence models were run and the results were compared to experimental data. Experimental comparisons were made for impingement channels between a baseline case, which is a rectangular array of jets of 20 rows and 3 jets per row, and different hole spacing configurations. The heat transfer was measured using Temperature Sensitive Paint. The turbulence model v²-f gave the most accurate prediction with an error of about 17% with the EB k-E, with an error of about 22% being the second most accurate. The configuration B gave comparatively better results among the different configurations, but was still about 20% lower than the baseline case, which appeared to have the highest cooling.