Min Soon Park

Date of Award


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Thesis - Open Access

Degree Name

Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering


Graduate Studies

Committee Chair

Daewon Kim, Ph.D.

First Committee Member

Sirish Namilae, Ph.D.

Second Committee Member

Sathya Ganqadharan, Ph.D.


The accumulation of ice on the leading edges of aircraft wing poses complications for flight control as drag is increased with a tendency for higher relative turbulence over the wing. Pre-emptive and reactive ice removal techniques have been employed in the past by electromechanical, thermal, chemical and pneumatic methods. In this thesis, a carbon fiber fabric is utilized as a heating de-icer for composites aircraft wing surface structures. Two prototypes are constructed, tested to generate temperature profiles, and an appropriate heating voltage is selected for effective de-icing via distinct avenues of heating system configurations. The heat transfer efficiency of the system is theoretically analyzed and validated through experimental results. The advantages of the carbon-fiber based de-icing system are addressed in terms of weight, flexibility, coverage area, safety and easiness of installation.