Abbas Shaban

Date of Award


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Thesis - Open Access

Degree Name

Master of Science in Aviation Finance


Economics, Finance, and Information Systems

Committee Chair

Dr. Bert Zarb

First Committee Member

Dr. Anke Arnaud

Second Committee Member

Dr. Mike Williams

Third Committee Member

Dr. Christopher Grant


Airport profitability is fundamental for all airports around the world. To this effect, this study examines factors affecting airport profitability such as the number of passengers, the number of landings and take-offs, cargo (lbs), airport debt, the size of the airport, and the terminal utilization. Most of the large and medium hub airports in the U.S are considered in this study, and regression analysis is used to analyze the data.

The results of this study show that factors examined are statistically significant when measuring airport profitability, which in turns could suggest that airports with high values in most of these variables will have higher profitability.