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Thesis - Open Access

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Master of Science in Aeronautics


Graduate Studies

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Dahai Liu, Ph.D.

First Committee Member

Donald S. Metscher, D.B.A.


Runway Incursion is the leading cause of serious incidents or accidents in airports. One of the most common causes of a runway incursion is airport unfamiliarity. Therefore, the researcher designed an electronically interactive application as a practice tool for pilots to utilize during flight preparation. The objective of this application is to enhance airport familiarity to ultimately reduce runway incursion. This application is interactive, affordable, accessible, and mobile device-based. It was designed using the Systems Engineering approach, following Human Factors Engineering principles to make this application user-friendly and to provide optimized human machine interaction. A model-based Systems Engineering software-CORE was utilized to manage the system requirements and provide clear traceability and rationality for each function. A prototype of the interface was developed and evaluated using a heuristic evaluation approach. The experts participating in the evaluation generally agreed that this application would provide an enhanced learning experience of the airport environment during flight preparation rather than studying the FAA airport diagram alone. This project provides a guideline for Software engineers to program this application expeditiously with the least amount of confusion.