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Dissertation - Open Access

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Doctor of Philosophy in Aviation


Doctoral Studies

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David Esser, Ph.D.

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Mary Jo Smith, Ph.D.

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Ian McAndrew, Ph.D.

Third Committee Member

Gillian Driscoll, Ph.D.


The growth of aviation in scope, scale, and complexity increases the demands for student learning, including crew resource management (CRM) skills. Instructor facilitated methods have proven effective for CRM skill learning. This study investigated a method of collaborative audio transcription and repair based learning (CTRBL) offering the potential for reduced demand upon instructor resources for CRM learning. The theorybased CTRBL method was used in this study as a way for novice pilots to learn the CRM skill of conducting a crew approach briefing with a focus on risk mitigation. Learning methods used to develop the CTRBL method were drawn from facilitated scenario-based training in aviation, instructional methods in language learning, and discourse analysis in aviation. The CTRBL method effectiveness was evaluated by a quasi-experimental method using 42 participants formed into 21 dyadic groups. The results suggest that CTRBL is a manageable, independent student activity that is perceived by learners to be nearly as enjoyable as comparable ground-based CRM learning methods. Participants self-rated their post-treatment crew briefings higher than their pre-treatment briefings, and subject matter experts rated post-treatment crew briefings higher than pre-treatment briefings, suggesting the CTRBL method resulted in learning. Recommendations are made for future applications and research of CTRBL.