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Thesis - Open Access

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Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering


Mechanical Engineering

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Hamilton Hagar, Ph.D.

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Sathya Gangadharan, Ph.D.

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Bogdan Udrea, Ph.D.


This thesis investigates the feasibility of a refueling station for a beyond Earth orbit (BEO) mission. The propellant depot is located at the L2 -Lagrangian point within the Earth-Moon system. This investigation determines if a refueling mission will reduce propulsive energy requirements necessary for Earth departure of a BEO-vehicle to achieve an interplanetary transfer to Mars. Furthermore, this research presents a trade study which identifies approximate total requirements for a direct and rendezvous mission to Mars as well as the necessary fuel masses to complete each approach. This analysis provides conclusive information in determining the benefits in utilizing a rendezvous location for refueling a spacecraft en versus loading the required fuel masses into a launch vehicle to support a direct transfer to Mars.