Date of Award

Fall 2022

Embargo Period


Access Type

Thesis - Open Access

Degree Name

Master of Science in Electrical & Computer Engineering


College of Engineering

Committee Chair

Eduardo Rojas-Nastrucci

First Committee Member

Jianhua Liu

Second Committee Member

M. Ilhan Akbas


Metasurface (MTS) antennas are complex arrays consisting of hundreds or thousands of individual elements that each exert their own influence on the performance of the antenna. Due to this, the process of designing and developing a MTS antenna can be intensive in terms of both the time to understand the how these antennas operate and time running calculations that achieve optimal performance. Through the use of automation for geometry creation in ANSYS HFSS, the work involved in making a MTS antenna can be greatly simplified. The overall objective of this thesis is to reduce the burden of constructing a MTS antenna by outlining a design flow for this process. First by characterizing a single element of the array with respect to parameters that concern the designer. Then, using this characterization to construct a database that determines the best parameters for each of the elements. Finally, generating the full antenna array through an automated process.