<p>At the <a href="https://commons.erau.edu/db-srs/" target="_blank">Student Research Symposium</a> 2019, undergraduate and graduate students presented projects by hosting their presentation for members of the ERAU community to view. You may click on the individual posters to bring up more information about the submissions. Enjoy!</p>

An Analysis of the Effects of the Aviation Industry in the United Arab Emirates

Analysing the Threats of the Failure of Visual Awareness and Cognitive Bias During a Visual Approach for Air Carrier Operations

Analysis of Forward Osmosis Filtration on Synthetic Urine Substitute

Analyzation of Awareness Methods of Air Quality in Pristina, Kosovo and a New Method to Help Increase Awareness

Career Competencies: More than Students, More than Athletes

Chemical Abundances for Sirius using ERAU's Supercomputer Vega

Design of a Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) Simulation of a Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (sUAV) for Self Autonomous Mission Capability

Development of Electrospray for Applications of Nanomaterials

Effects from Tourism in Australia

Evaluation of Stent and Baffle Deformation in Hybrid Comprehensive Stage II Procedure

Experimental Constraints on Ocean Wave Erosion of Icebergs and Glaciers

Exploration of Transportation in Nordic Countries: Observations of Accessibility, Design, and Ease