<p>Wednesday, Nov. 16th. 2022, the <a href="https://daytonabeach.erau.edu/research/undergrad-research" target="_blank">Office of Undergraduate Research</a> invited students, faculty, and staff to celebrate student research and creative activities at the <a href="https://commons.erau.edu/db-srs/" target="_blank">Student Research Symposium</a>. Students from across campus presented their research, scholarship, and creative works. You may click on the individual posters to bring up more information about the submissions. Enjoy!</p>

Reusing Materials in the Aerospace Industry - A research on recyclable PEEK material

Reusing Materials in the Aerospace Industry - Utilizing Recycled PEEK and Aluminum 2024-T3 for Wing Spar

Reusing Materials in the Aerospace Industry – An Analysis of Recycling Methods and Solutions

Space in Emerging Economies

Space Microbial Ecology

Superparamagnetic Nanoparticles in Exploratory Energy Research

The use of Low-Cost Particulate Matter Sensors and Their Future use with Unmanned Aircrafts

Understanding the impact of NextGen in the airline industry

White Dwarf Stars and the Age of the Milky Way

Why Students Withdraw from Online STEM Courses

A comparative study of company culture differences among low-cost, hybrid, and legacy major airline carriers in the United States

A Non-negative Matrix Factorization Approach to Computing “Fingerprints” in Spectra of Nuclear Materials