China, Los Alamos, and Espionage: Scandal Versus Scam — March 12, 1999

This article presents a discussion of choice points in secondary and tertiary intervention efforts after the discovery that a political entity has been the victim of espionage.

IBPP Research Associates


From the IBPP Research Associates. Turkey — March 12, 1999
Ustun Reinhart

In the United States, there has been significant interest about the chances of a female candidate for the presidency--Elizabeth Dole. The question is what kind of national political and governmental leader a female would make. Countries as diverse as The United Kingdom, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Norway, and the People's Republic of China can already provide empirical data on this question.

The IBPP article - Ambition for all Seasons: Tansu Ciller, but Ustun Reinart - concerns Turkey and Tansu Ciller. It was previously posted in the Arabic Electronic Mail Journal. The article itself was adapted from a version appearing in Women's International Net (WIN) Magazine at http://welcome.to/winmagazine, which is no longer available.

Complete text of the article may be found online at:

  • The Rubin Center for Research in International Affairs (formerly the Global Research in International Affairs Center) at http://www.rubincenter.org/1999/03/reinart-1999-03-06/, and
  • Yumpu - https://www.yumpu.com/en/document/view/35165037/ambition-for-all-seasons-tansu-ciller-gloria-center



Trends. International Trends in Space Policy: An Interview with Eligar Sadeh — March 12, 1999

The article is an interview with Eligar Sadeh, Interim Director, Center for Engineering Infrastructure and Sciences in Space (CIESS), Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado, United States of America.