Letter to Anna: An American Perspective on Why the US Hasn't Acted Decisively in Kosovo — July 9, 1999

This article--slightly edited by IBPP--was submitted by Mr. Andrew Chittim, a freelance writer and marketing specialist. The article arrived on May 25th--well before the end of the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia. In retrospect, however, Mr. Chittim's analysis highlights a number of Issues that are still not resolved.

IBPP Research Associates


IBPP Research Associates: Sri Lanka — July 9, 1999
Champika Fernando and Sunil Jayasiri

This article - Brothel Raids Hotting Up by Sunil Jayasiri and Champika Fernando - originally appeared in the Sri Lankan online newspaper Midweek Mirror. The authors discuss the interface of prostitution, the law, and law enforcement as well as the number of seemingly commonalities throughout the world.

While the article could not be provided for download due copyright restriction, the IBPP provided the following comments:

The interface of prostitution, the law, and law enforcement seems to have a number of commonalities throughout the world. Laws and law enforcement policies on prostitution fluctuate with changes in elected and non-elected officials, movers and shakers in a community or polis, and unexpected events. These changes seem to largely reflect personal predilections, ambitions, and ideologies of those in power, with power, or desiring more power and often breed a weakening of the respect for the law and the rule of law. This weakening is further reinforced when inevitably some of those seeking a ratcheting up of law and law enforcement strategies and tactics are prostitution clients-- as are some of the polis who egg them on. The historical cycles of legal and law enforcement crackdowns and let ups regarding prostitution defy rational and logical analysis and may be an advertisement for at least the face validity of psychological constructs such as the unconscious, defense mechanisms, and primary process of psychoanalysis; the collective unconscious, archetypes, and shadow of analytic (Jungian) psychology.



Trends. An Open Mind on Openness: Personnel Security and Counterintelligence at Los Alamos — July 9, 1999

The author discusses alleged espionage and security violations within at least one United States (US) national laboratory--that at Los Alamos in New Mexico.


Trends. Illusions of Security: School Shootings as Mirrors on the World — July 9, 1999

The author discusses the killing of 12 students and a teacher at Columbine High School that has precipitated calls for more and better weapons detectors, security guards, and formal and informal information grapevines.