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Current Issue: Volume 10, Issue 1 (2023)



Ground Risk Model for UAVs
Andrew V. Shelley


FAA Designated Pilot Examiner System Insights
Wendy Beckman, Michael Gref, and Timothy Rosser


The Impacts of Advanced Avionics on Degraded Visual Environments
Sultan Naseeb Harib Fairouz Mubarak and ANJU ANNA JACOB DR


Testing Backward Chaining Ab-initio Flight Instruction
Samuel M. Vance, Kat Gardner-Vandy PhD, and Brendan A. Pearce


Minified Augmented Reality as a Terrestrial Analog for G-Transitions Effects in Lunar and Interplanetary Spaceflight
Ethan Waisberg, Joshua Ong, Nasif Zaman, Phani Paladugu, Roger Dias, Sharif Amit Kamran, Andrew G. Lee, and Alireza Tavakkoli


Utilizing the Alarm Taxonomy and Classification System (ATACS) to Redesign Landing Gear Warnings
Stephen Rice, Ryan Lange, Sean R. Crouse, Scott R. Winter, and Ryan J. Wallace