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Current Issue: Volume 5, Issue 4 (2018)



Evaluating Small UAS Near Midair Collision Risk Using AeroScope and ADS-B
Ryan J. Wallace, Kristy W. Kiernan, Tom Haritos, John Robbins, and Godfrey V. D'souza


Modernizing the Supply Chain of Airbus by Integrating RFID and Blockchain Processes
MICHAEL D. SANTONINO III, Constantine M. Koursaris, and Michael J. Williams


Enhancing the Safety Training of GA Pilots to Reduce the Risk of Bird Strikes: An Experimental Pilot Study
Flavio A. C. Mendonca PhD, Thomas Carney PhD, and Richard O. Fanjoy PhD

Position Papers


A Novel Approach for Missing Combat Support Aircraft Search Acceleration using VTOL UAS
Mohammed Ba Zuhair, Wisam Yousef, Issam Samara, and Vladislav Varsegov

Literature Review

Special Purpose Document


Innovative Dodecacopter Design – Bulgarian Knight
Svetoslav Zabunov and Garo Mardirossian