This study performed a comparative analysis of SMS in both the aviation and ground transportation industries to identify any gaps that may impact aviation safety by incorporating UAS operations within the ground transportation industry. The study reviewed relevant literature and compared the FAA SMS and FMCSA SMC policy components. The study also compared the implementation of OSHA requirements within the aviation and ground transportation industries. After reviewing the relevant policy components, the study finds that differences in safety standards between the FAA SMA and FMCSA SMC would impact safety. The study recommends that the SMC incorporate process descriptions for SRM and emergency response to bring the system to the same level of competency as the FAA SMS. Making these improvements to SMC will allow the ground transportation industry to integrate UAS operations more quickly and seamlessly into their industry, and it will improve aviation safety outcomes as many more organizations join the UAS technology revolution. This study recommends conducting future research to establish a method for quantifying each component of an SMS on safety outcomes.



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