In a continuously changing environment, the aviation sector faces the challenge of balancing adaptability to technological changes, alignment with environmental and social considerations, and agility in responding to unforeseen challenges. Keeping in view these challenges this study has explored the impact of the adaptability, alignment, and agility approaches on the sustainable performance of the aviation industry operating in Pakistan. Applying the empirical and quantitative methods the data has been collected from the professionals of the aviation industry supply chain and operations field and assessed the influence of Adoptability, Alignment, and Agility on sustainable performance indicators, including environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and economic viability. The SmartPls, structural equation model (SEM) has been applied to scrutinize the path relationships of variables. Overall the findings reveal a nuanced landscape, and it shows that traditional Adoptability may not directly impact Economic Performance (ECP), but it significantly influences Environmental (ENP), Operational (OPP), and Social Performance (SOP). Therefore, the Agility and Alignment strategies exhibit a consistent positive impact across all performance dimensions and emphasize their pivotal role in fostering holistic sustainability within the aviation sector. This study recommends that the sustainable aviation industry advocates for tailored strategies to address economic sustainability concerns, emphasizing the need for organizations to readjust their approaches. The study also highlights the vibrant nature of the aviation industry, urging continuous monitoring, evaluation, and adaptation of strategies to align with evolving sustainability paradigms. The purpose of this study and its results is to provide valuable insights for industry practitioners, policymakers, and researchers, guiding the development of strategic frameworks to enhance the long-term sustainability of the aviation industry logistics and supply chain management.



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