In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the aviation industry faces an unprecedented push towards digital transformation. This paper delves into the economic, operational, and safety imperatives of implementing contactless travel solutions in Europe's non-primary airports. By juxtaposing the substantial upfront costs against the long-term operational savings and improved passenger experience, the study presents a compelling financial justification for such investments. Drawing on case studies and current trends, the research demonstrates that, despite initial expenditures, the adoption of contactless technology is a prudent strategy that aligns with evolving consumer preferences and the heightened need for efficiency and safety. The paper critically examines the challenges and proposes strategic planning for a sustainable shift towards a contactless airport ecosystem, contributing valuable insights into the future of European aviation.


We would like to thank ALLAH SWT who has empowerd me to be at this stage and we would also like to thank our Parents who have been our support system throughout the year.This paper is dedicated to our Son Mughees Hassan Anwar



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