The United States regional air carrier industry has recently undergone a substantial transformation in pilot salaries and hiring practices. Regional airlines are employing professional aviators at unprecedented rates in response to economic growth, regulatory reform, and legacy air carrier retirements. The combination of these factors has spurred demand for qualified air carrier pilots. As the hiring continues to increase, regional airlines are finding new ways to attract certified pilots to include: salary increases, bonuses incentives, and legacy airline employment flow agreements. The following report analyzes the salary changes that have occurred at US regional airlines from 2007-2017. From this data, an independent samples t-Test was performed to determine if there was significance between wholly owned and independently owned regional airlines. The results of this analysis indicate significance for hourly pay rates and effective wages between wholly owned and independent carriers during 2007, 2011, and 2016. This suggests that wholly owned air carriers have implemented pay increases prior to independently owned regional airlines.