The Aviation Scenario Definition Language (ASDL) is a domain-specific language proposal which aims to provide a standard aviation scenario specification mechanism and enable the reuse of scenario generation methods among different simulators. This paper presents a model-based scenario development approach that exploits Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF) core (Ecore) and System Entity Structure (SES) for metamodeling and modeling these elements. The construction of the ASDL metamodel using both platforms is described to illustrate the processes. As a result of comparing two approaches, it is concluded that they follow a similar structure in the hierarchical definition of modeled elements despite there being different toolsets available in each method. Thereby, each metamodel can be easily converted into the other type using transformations. As an application use case, the use of the proposed ontology-based scenario development in the aviation domain is discussed, where a training tool is being developed that utilizes SES/Ecore approach to build a scenario-driven training tool for air traffic controllers.



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