Airports are strategically and economically important installations of any country. Airports are the gateway of any country and any incidents at these gateways may harm the very aspects of a country in the comity of nations. What are the types of unlawful interferences that are faced by the aviation industry? The establishment as well as preparedness of the airport security force in Pakistan is described in the detail. The airports security is of prime importance in Pakistan because of the wave of terrorism and security situations all around the country. Airport Security Force (ASF) established in 1976, due to the 1960s and 1970s incident of terrorism in the aviation industry of the world. Security and Law and Order at the airports are maintained with the help of all the physical and electronic resources. ASF troops are well trained, equipped with latest equipment and having a reasonable deployment of female staff as well. Moreover, it has its own training academy to equip its soldiers with methods and techniques that how to protect this vital installation of aviation industry against any threat. During the recent attacks at Jinnah International airport Karachi and Peshawar airport the ASF troops exhibit their professional competence and valour by defeating the terrorists who wanted to hijack aircraft's at the airports.



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