It can be said that today's civil aviation basics began to be laid in the 1950s. This date is also important as the period in which the rules are being written and at the same time, some system solutions are produced by testing the methods of cargo loading. The cargo clip used in these cargo loading systems will be the subject of our article. In this context, the development process of the clip, which started in 1953 until today, will be examined in the light of the patent applications of the period; Afterwards, alternative clip-on work to the current cargo clip, V2 and V3 models design and analysis of V3 model will be included. Nowadays, our natural resources are rapidly depleted, we think that we will contribute to fuel saving on airplanes with V3 design which we designed lighter than the standard product. In the analysis study, the functional efficiency of the new design which is lighter than the standard product will be determined.



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