The Flying-V is a V-shaped airplane in development, which uses less fuel due its form. Passengers are in the oval cabin in the wing, which asks for an alternative design to the interior. At the same time there is a demand for more comfortable interiors.

80 students were asked to develop interior design ideas for this Flying V concept. A jury of experts selected four aircraft interior concepts and these were developed and a 1:1 scale mockup was made, with a hybrid interior. It included a chaise longue seats, the group space, beds and ‘staggered’ seats for the middle of the Flying V interior. This was shown at a KLM 100 year event. 1692 visitors of the mock-up gave their preference and the chaise longue received most votes. In the discussions valuable comments from potential passengers were collected on the selected concepts giving input for further developments.




The authors want to thank KLM for sponsoring and supporting the project.