From the beginning of the airplane invention until now, many kinds of airliners have been introduced by different companies to transport the people throughout the world. However, although the manufacturing companies have highly promoted the technical and safety systems of the airliners and made them the safest traveling equipment, there is still a possibility of their failure in the technical and/ or safety systems. The serious faults that may occur in an aircraft during the flight can cause the loss of its control. Improving the aircraft safety to guarantee the security, both bodily and spiritually, is of a high demand. We have introduced a new airliner design to convert its passengers’ cabin to a Helium airship when dangerous incident happened. Nonetheless, before the mentioned conversion, the aircraft speed must be reduced. During this step, the gasoline storage must be jetted quickly into the air. To calculate how much volume of the Helium gas is required to float the passengers’ cabin, we need to know the “lifting capacity” of the Helium.



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