It is very essential to predict the flow and its related parameters to understand real life fluid flow. The real-life fluid problems are studied with wind tunnels which gives very efficient results in practice. But in the case of wind tunnel studies flow angularities plays crucial role. Flow angularity determination includes measurement of static pressure, dynamic pressure and inflow angles. Flow prediction even hold a very strong hand in design process. Designing and testing being the foundation of any process industry, flow measurements and its related parameters have to be well evaluated. In such cases, wind tunnels play important role and the researchers are usually dependent on wind tunnels to carry out experiments at different Mach numbers to obtain experimental results. It is mandatory to check the flow parameters and maturity rates including turbulence, flow angularity, strain, velocity, temperature and density distribution at the test section before testing a model. The flow field and degree of maturity within the test section can be analysed with any instrument that will provide a flow field data diagram of test parts. In this paper, the performance evaluation and truthiness of five-hole five probe flow analyser is being evaluated computationally and experimentally at various Mach Numbers.


I would like to thank the Aerodynamics Laboratory, Department of Aerospace Engineering, Lovely Professional University, Punjab, India for providing the low speed subsonic wind tunnel facility for conducting the experiments.



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