Polymeric composites have been widely used in various structural and thermal aerospace applications. Polymeric composites having high strength and high modulus reinforcement are ideally suited for lot of critical aerospace applications as structure is designed with high specific strength and high specific modulus. In case of launch vehicles/ missile one such application is design and manufacturing of solid rocket motor casing with polymeric composites as it give high performance and reduces inert weight of propulsion system. The high specific strength and high specific modulus of composite materials makes it ideal choice for designing the composite rocket motor case (CRMC). These are manufactured with filament winding process. As per ASTM D 2290 test method, the apparent tensile strength can be evaluated by preparing ring specimens from filament wound shell which simulates the hoop winding and cylindrical geometry of composite motor case. During flight in trajectory, the temperature on external surface of rocket motor will rise due to kinetic heating as result of aerodynamic drag. The mechanical properties of FRP composites degrades beyond certain temperature, depending primarily upon resin system and its glass transition temperature (Tg). In present work, the method of ring fabrication using filament winding is used to prepare test samples to experimentally test and evaluate apparent tensile strength with temperature of Carbon Epoxy composite. The tensile test at ambient is also done on specimens made from carbon Epoxy laminate using filament winding technique and are compared with ring test results.. The Glass Transition temperature (Tg) for Carbon Epoxy is also determined with Dry Scanning Calorimetry (DSC) technique



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