The drone industry yearns for enhanced aerodynamic performance. In order to achieve this feat, researchers and engineers are trying to mimic the natural flyers due to their aerodynamic optimality. One such flyer, the Albatross is an inspiration for many marine drones due to its planform and aerodynamic efficiency. The wing of the plan form is designed and simulated to study its properties. The Bell-Shaped Lift Distribution is incorporated for higher efficiency and elimination of the total downwash produced in case of an Elliptical Lift Distribution. A blended wing body inspired by the Falcon is used for smoother airflow interactions. Furthermore, a tilt-rotor design provides an efficient combination of hovering and cruising modes of flight. Design choices and changes are discussed and tested to obtain an efficient tilt-rotor UAV inspired by the Albatross.


we sincerely thank the aerospace department faculty and guidance provided by DrJVM Lal in completing this work



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