In this study, the heating parameters required for polyamide-11 (P11) coating of the helicopter shaft were investigated. The torsion value created by the force applied to the middle of the helicopter's shaft is measured. Heating before coating affects the torsion value of the shaft. A new heating mechanism has been designed to cover the shaft surface without changing the torsion value of the shaft. Thus, the coating surface is left inside the furnace and the torsion measurement area outside of the furnace. Taguchi method was used to determine heating parameters such as furnace type, initial temperature and heating time. The heating process was performed by connecting K type probes to the shaft surface and temperature changes were recorded. It has been determined that with the fanless furnace, the coating surface does not reach the required minimum temperature, the shaft surface reaches the sufficient temperature with the fanned furnace, and PA11 coating can be applied effectively.



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