In the field of inviscid fluid flow studies, the theoretical concept has to be developed even more. In order to make it possible, it is very important to supplement the concepts with strong experimental results. While performing experimentation, various accepts of design can be determined with factors influencing the and also required modification can be recommended in a more systematic and economic manner. Also, the aim objective of the experiment is to extend the underlying theory and to produce new designs with improvements that can be great support to the advancement in technology. In experimental analysis, wind tunnels are used for the flow analysis over a flying object to be tested. Analyzing the flow plays a predominant role in aerodynamics study. The flow in the test section has to be uniformly streamlined and need to be parallel to the axis of the wind tunnel. The change in flow properties inside the tunnel with respect to the time should be negligible. So, before conducting a test process, calibration of wind tunnel has to be done. Normally, calibration of the subsonic wind tunnel is done by the Pitot static tube. It has the limitations of deprived accuracy and misalignment of the probe with the flow direction. Therefore, new calibrating instruments are proposed by overcoming the limitations of the Pitot static tube. In this paper, experimentation using wind tunnels has been discussed and the truth flow analysis of a low-speed open-circuit wind tunnel has been recorded using two different instruments namely three probe flow analyser and five probe flow analyser respectively. Also, the results obtained have been compared with the data obtained using a pitot static probe.


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