EGNOS (European Geostationary Navigation Overlay Service) transmits data for more accurate real time positioning with an integrity message for GNSS navigation satellites, which are in view by RIMS station (Ranging and Integrity Monitoring Stations) extended over a continent.

The purpose of this paper is to analyses the performances of EGNOS V2 single frequency L1 and EGNOS V3 dual frequency L1/L5 without RIMS station in Algeria. During this work, four procedures of flight (APV I, LPV 200, APV II and CAT I) were analyses to determine the optimal performances of the EGNOS system in terms of availability and continuity.

We have clearly highlighted that additional L5 frequency is expect to improve the EGNOS performance in Algeria. The obtained result shows that the high performance level is provide with dual frequency L1/L5 in comparison with L1. The availability and continuity of all procedures are improve in area between 20° and 35° in latitude and corresponds to the APV II and LPV 200 procedures.

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