All certified airlines require to implement a safety and quality management system. Therefore, the quality of all services and products with critical operational domains have been challenging issues in the aviation industry. In this regard, supplier selection plays an important role to acquire competitive benefits. Flight operations is critical scope in an airline and their outputs have a direct impact on flight safety consequences. Therefore, the quality of supplier’s product and services play the main role in their flight operations process. In this research, a new decision-making framework is developed to evaluate the performance of the suppliers based on the Entropy and VIKOR approaches. At the outset, the main criteria and sub-criteria are identified based on the literature and expert's viewpoint and then their weights are calculated using the Entropy method. Afterward, the potential suppliers are ranked using the VIKOR method. The airline supplier’s assessment through expert judgment and integrated criteria are the new approaches that are developed in this paper. The obtained results show that economic, quality and safety, and reputation respectively are the main criteria to select suppliers.



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