Airlines release the unburned jet fuel into the atmosphere to reduce the weight of aircraft before landing. Sometimes, aircraft reach a weight more than takeoff weight while departing from the airport. Therefore, the pilot follows the ATC comment to dump fuel into the atmosphere to reduce the aircraft's weight to avoid accidents. Due to fuel dumping, an airline faces fuel consumption, loss, and several diseases affect environmental pollutants, and living things. The total fuel consumption of commercial airlines worldwide in 2021 is 57 billion gallons. If jet fuel routinely hit the ground, it would pollute water and land and damage crops and biodiversity. With this, we have worked on the project to rescue fuel dumping into the atmosphere and save living things from various diseases.


Foremost, we would like to express our deepest gratitude, significant thanks, and profound respect to Mr. K. Vijay Babu and Prashanth Radhakrishnan for their praiseworthy guidance, valuable criticism, and consolation all through the length of the research. We might likewise want to give our earnest appreciation to all the companions and our colleagues, without which this exploration would fragment. We do thanks to almighty keeping us healthy during the successful completion of this project.



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