This study explored the interest in global standardization guidelines for space travel. Due to the lack of accepted minimum international standards and commercialized space travel guidelines, there is a need to explore the feasibility of developing of an agency or clearinghouse for the standardization of certifications, requirements, and ethical standards for space travel between global governments and private entities. This study employed a two-round Delphi design to investigate the need to establish and prioritize such guidelines. The findings yielded from this study provide guidance on how an agency or clearinghouse is needed and could potentially aid in developing such guidelines. The study included the prioritization of issues relevant to the establishment of guidelines to regulate human space travel. Twenty-nine global experts from 10 different nations participated in this research study. The results of this study include quantitative and qualitative data, which were collected in the two rounds of the Delphi study. As a result of this study's findings, industry decision-makers may become more knowledgeable of issues concerning consensus on safety concerns regarding human spaceflight.



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