Organizations that provide products and/or services must be able to execute fast, adaptive supply and (fluctuating) demand practices. From producers to consumers, and every stakeholder involved throughout the supply chain network processes, a collaborative relationship promotes sharing information that is beneficial to all. This long-term relationship then flourishes and in return stimulates the growth, health, and stability of the supply chain. Understanding the organizational processes and requirements is a complex endeavor. However, with technological advances and with the right type of data collected, it is possible to optimize entire supply chain networks.

This research study, seeks to provide an insight into theoretical supply and demand optimization methods and help identify optimal selection of variables and types of data needed to analyze lean and agile methodology approaches in order to show how to blend a lean, continuous, flow approach, with agile, flexible, fluctuations in customer demands, for consistent tactical and operational outcomes across supply chain networks in the aviation industry.


This study was partially supported through Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University research funding



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