Innovation at Altitude: Continuous Improvement Summit

Innovation at Altitude: Continuous Improvement Summit



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Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University is excited to announce the inaugural Continuous Improvement Summit. On April 4, 2024 we will welcome higher education leaders interested in assessment across the globe to a virtual assessment conference. Then, on April 5, we will conduct a full-day of hybrid professional development training for Embry-Riddle faculty, staff, and students aimed at furthering our own efforts.

In the evolving higher education landscape, we are dedicated to elevating the assessment process; as a field, we are called to Innovate at Altitude. The Summit provides an invaluable platform for challenging conversations that will push the boundaries of traditional assessment and re-imagine future trajectories for a culture of innovation and continuous improvement. At the heart of our efforts, “the end of assessment is action” (Walvoord, 2010). Our conference themes are designed to propel us from shared insight into actionable strategies. We are thrilled that you are interested in joining other forward-thinking educators to foster an environment where innovation and continuous improvement are not just goals, but a culture. Themes include:

Assessment: The Next Frontier
What interestingly-new challenges do we face in assessment today? What inventive methodologies and forward-thinking strategies are being employed on campuses to rise to these challenges? Whether we are debating the merits of historical assessment trend data, determining how to meaningfully disaggregate data, or crafting compelling continuous improvement data stories, we want to explore interestingly-new approaches to the next frontier in assessment.

Assessment as a Driver of Holistic Student Success
Assessment oftentimes carries a negative connotation with faculty and staff who wonder what happens with the data they provide on an annual basis. But, why has the narrative seemingly lagged in helping connect assessment efforts with student success outcomes? Assessment efforts offer faculty and staff insights into curriculum effectiveness and service areas needing enhancement. Through tailored feedback and adaptive learning approaches, students receive personalized pathways, fostering deeper understanding, retention, and skill development, ultimately paving the way for greater holistic success and achievements.

Empowering Faculty and Staff to Lead Improvement
Empowering faculty and staff to lead continuous improvement is imperative. When faculty and staff take the helm of improvement, they serve as agents of change, ensuring that academic offerings and student support services are dynamic and relevant. By equipping them with the right tools, training, and support, institutions can proactively cultivate a culture of innovation. We will explore how institutions have successfully forged a cadre of continuous improvement leaders and how we can prepare these leaders to have maximum impact.

Leveraging Innovative Technology
Leveraging technology in assessment transforms traditional evaluation methods, infusing them with precision, scalability, and adaptability. Modern tools offer real-time analytics, facilitating instant feedback and adaptive learning pathways. Digital portfolios, AI-driven assessments, and interactive platforms can strengthen student engagement, enable more equitable assessment, ensure comprehensive skill capture. Learn how these technological advancements can be used to innovate assessment processes, ensuring they remain relevant, efficient, and aligned with contemporary educational needs.

Expand your horizons, foster connections, and be a catalyst for change in the world of higher education assessment. Let's shape the future together!

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Continuous Improvement Summit 2024
Thursday, April 4, 2024 Virtually