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Rapid development of information technology (IT) has brought with it many new applications such as e-commerce and global business. The past few years have seen activities in the legislative arena covering issues such as digital signatures, the international recognition of electronic documents and privacy and data protection. Both the developed and developing countries have exhibited keenness to embrace the IT environment. Securing this electronic environment from intrusion, however, continues to be problematic. A particular favorite form of computer crime would be ‘hacking’. As more computer systems move on to on-line processing and improved telecommunications, computer hackers are now a real threat. Legislation criminalizing intrusion and destruction activities directed at computers are needed. Malaysia joined the list of countries with computer-specific legislation with the enactment of its Computer Crime Act 1997 (CCA). This paper focuses on hacking as a criminal act, and compares the Malaysian CCA with legislation from other countries. The current computer crime situation in Malaysia is looked at and exposes the difficulties and obstacles Malaysia faces in enforcing the Act. The paper concludes with recommendations for Malaysia in terms of policy, practices and penalties.


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