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The Association of Digital Forensics, Security and Law (ADFSL)


Welcome to JDFSL’s fourth and final issue for 2014! First, I would like to thank our editorial board, reviewers, and the JDFSL team for bringing this issue to life. It has been a big year for JDFSL as the journal continues to progress. I would like to highlight our critical achievements for 2014 before touching on the papers that were accepted in this issue: 1. JDFSL has gone to a fully open access model without author payment through support from academic institutions. 2. JDFSL has formed and continues to form partnerships with various conferences that relate to cyber security and forensics. 3. JDFSL has improved its indexing and the editorial staff and publisher are pushing hard to get the journal indexed by as many reputable indexing services as possible. 4. JDFSL has revamped its Web site. 5. JDFSL welcomed new members to the editorial board 6. JDFSL’s Web site and various articles gained more visibility due to media backlinks



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