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Dr. Mike Wiggins has been with ERAU for over 41 years. His focus has been aviation education and flight training. For 18 ½ years, he was a faculty member in the Flight Department developing flight training curricula, managing and standardizing flight instructors, and overseeing various aspect of the flight training operations. After moving to the Aeronautical Science Department, Dr. Wiggins has taught numerous courses all focused on aviation and education in some form. During 2004-2006, Dr. Wiggins established the Center for Teaching and Learning on the Daytona Beach Campus serving as the interim director. Dr. Wiggins is currently a tenured professor and department chair of the Aeronautical Science Department which serve over 1,800 students in three degree programs with 37 faculty members.

Dr. Wiggins’ research focus has been on flight training, flight operations, teaching and learning, and faculty development. He has worked on developing experimental pilot procedures for NASA’s Small Aircraft Transport System (2004), Researched how flight schools use PC-ATDs (2002-2003), developed a training course for qualify FAA Aviation Safety Inspectors in Technically Advanced Aircraft (2005), numerous courses and projects for the FAA/Industry Training Standards Program (2004-2009), and conducted a study with MITRE on a project evaluating airport infrastructure for low visibility approaches in Category A aircraft (2013). He is currently in involved in research looking into weather dissemination by ATC controllers and FAA training methodologies.

Mike has an ATP with 757/767 type ratings, flight and ground instructor certificates and holds an Ed.D. from Oklahoma State University.