2016 - Pilot Supply, Regulatory Compliance, & Training Equipment

Unique To 2016

NTAS 2016 will be integrated with the Pilot Supply & Demand Summit (PS&DS) to bring both conferences together for the first time. This meeting consolidation will benefit all sectors of the pilot training community; employers, suppliers, and educators. There will be no change to the previous NTAS registration and exhibit fee schedule.

About NTAS and PS&DS

The Pilot Supply & Demand Summit has convened twice to address issues associated with legislation and rule making that affect preparation of new pilots for a professional airline career. The National Training Aircraft Symposium (NTAS) is an annual event hosted by Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University to bring together stakeholders who have interest in furthering efficiency and effectiveness of pilot training in a formal training, education and academy environment.

NTAS integrates the entire "value chain" in flight training, including suppliers of training, training management software and courseware, flight training devices, aircraft, and support products. This unique gathering enhances the exchange of best practices, interaction among employers, suppliers, and educators, and builds relationships that result in better training and education. At NTAS, educators who are contemplating upgrades to training equipment enjoy a "one-stop-shopping" experience. Suppliers gain insights into the needs of the training providers that manifest in the next generation of equipment.

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