Session 3 C - Issues in Aviation Safety


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10-25-2022 1:15 PM

End Date

10-25-2022 3:15 PM

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  • An Aviator-Centered Approach to Mental Health: A Preliminary Look at Stressors, Barriers to Care, and Untreated Aviator Mental Health (Raus)
  • Development and Evaluation of an Online Fatigue Training Course for Collegiate Aviation Pilots (Keller, Mendonca, Spence, Asunda, & Gao)
  • Why Should Airline Workers Be Trained to Respond to Fume Events? (Anderson)
  • Smoke, Fire, and Fumes Without the Smoke and Fire: An Emergency Checklist for Fumes (Tellman)
  • Utilizing Drones to Streamline Wildlife Hazard Management Efforts by Airport Operators (Mendonca, Wallace, Cabrera, & McNall)
  • Determining the Effectiveness of Single-Pilot Resource Management in General Aviation (Idowu & Shogbonyo)


Oct 25th, 1:15 PM Oct 25th, 3:15 PM

Session 3 C - Issues in Aviation Safety

165 F