Breakfast & Aviation Mental Health Poster Session

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Student Union Events Center - Room A & D

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2-28-2024 8:30 AM

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2-28-2024 10:00 AM

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Aviation Mental Health


Albelo & McIntire - Exploring Academic Distress, General Anxiety, and Depression among Underrepresented Minority Aviation and Aerospace College Students

Cankaya - Understanding Aviation Mental Health with Explainable Artificial Intelligence in Incident Reports

Casebolt - Gender Diversity in Aviation: What Is It Like To Be In The Female Minority?

Fries - A Structured Program for Pilots and Traffic Controllers with Mental Issues

Garcia - Aeromedical Transformation: From Clinical to Performance-Based Assessments

Haffey - The Impact of Socialization on Student Intention to Persist and Flight Training Outcomes

Henneberry et al. - Understanding Collegiate Aviation Pilot Mental Performance Studies and Future Research Opportunities

Hight et al. - Airline Pilot Perceptions of Stress and Self-Reported Fatigue: A Cross-Sectional Study

Johnson et al. - A Double Taboo? An Exploratory Study of Mental Health Perceptions Amongst Black Aerospace Professionals

Lorenzon et al. - High Times, Higher Stakes: Mental Health Impacts in New Recreational Marijuana Legal Landscape

McCormick - Decision-Making in the Air Traffic Control Domain: Mitigating Workload and Stress

O’Reilly et al. - Benefits Associated with Improving Fatigue Regulations for Cargo Pilots

Pitts - Flying Under the Radar: A Survey of Collegiate Pilots’ Mental Health to Identify Aeromedical Nondisclosure and Healthcare-Seeking Behaviors

Raus - Barriers to Mental Health Seeking Among Army Aviation Personnel: A Preliminary Report

Roberts - Optimization of a Customized Leadership Development Program Upskilling English Language Fluency in Brazil Aviation Leaders

Roberts et al. - Relational Energy’s Role in Leadership Development for Airline Executives

Sawyer et al. - Using Natural Language Processing to Identify Mental Health Indicators in Aviation Voluntary Safety Reports

Stein & Bomhoff - The Pilot Mental Health Campaign: A New Approach to Aviation Mental Health

Walden - Clear Skies, Clear Minds: Navigating Mental Health Attitudes in Collegiate Aviation Education

Waters - Stress, Anxiety, and Depression in Aerospace Students

Waters et al. - Hazardous Attitudes: A Study Identifying Mental Healthcare Avoidance Behaviors and Attitudes in a Collegiate Aviation Student Population


Feb 28th, 8:30 AM Feb 28th, 10:00 AM

Breakfast & Aviation Mental Health Poster Session

Student Union Events Center - Room A & D