Arriving By Aircraft


Parking Location

Daytona Beach International Airport (KDAB) has multiple FBO's where you may park. Sheltair Aviation is the FBO closest to our campus and conference hotel accommodations and will be notified of increased traffic due to NTAS 2018. Please park at an FBO if you are not registered to display an aircraft for NTAS 2018 due to limited ramp space at ERAU.


ERAU Procedures

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University has specified procedures when arriving by aircraft.

Prior to arrival, each arriving aircraft must fill out an ERAU Ramp Visitor Registration Form (one week in advance). Please be sure to include "NTAS 2018" for your reason of visit.

Other notes:

  • Wingspan may not exceed 57' due to gates on the ERAU ramp.
  • If your aircraft has wheel fairings, you will need to bring your own chocks.
  • ERAU does not have fueling capabilities. Please taxi to Sheltair Aviation upon arrival/departure for fuel.
Please read through ERAU's Parking on the ERAU Ramp web page for more information.

Arrival Procedures

We would like for aircraft to arrive between 1200 and 1500 on Sunday, August 12th.

When you land, please advise Ground (121.9) that you will be taxiing to the ERAU Ramp. An NTAS banner on the fence will assist in denoting the ramp location. Once leaving the active taxiway, contact the ERAU Ramp (123.3) for further instruction.

*ERAU procedures require taxiing at a speed slower than human walking speed due to the high volume of students on the ramp at any given time. Please give way to training activities using usual ramp procedures.

Departure Procedures

Aircraft should be removed on Wednesday, August 15th between 0900 and 1500. We request that no demos be arranged from the ERAU ramp. If you plan on demonstrating, please base it from one of the FBO's on the airport.