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Past 2021 Champion: Eicher, Robert

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Robert Eicher


Robert Eicher has been a frequent and vocal supporter of OER and textbook affordability on campus and in his department. For his own courses, he has worked with Hunt Library regularly since 2018 to reduce textbook costs, or replace his textbooks with OER coursepacks in Scholarly Commons whenever possible. So far he has created 7 coursepacks with the library, including frequent updates as he continually works to incorporate new resources and further tailor his learning materials to support student learning. He has also worked with the library to identify open resources to support classes that traditionally have no textbook, keeping their textbook costs at zero while providing additional learning support.


Daytona Beach


Assistant Professor, Applied Aviation Sciences

Courses Impacted

  • WX 261
  • WX 280
  • WX 475

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Past 2021 Champion: Eicher, Robert