Textbook Affordability Champions

This page features this year’s Textbook Affordability Champions. Champions are ERAU faculty or instructional designers who are engaged in open education and textbook affordability. They may actively seek out and adopt open or affordable resources to reduce costs, author their own open textbooks, or create OER that benefits ERAU and learners across the globe. For more information about nominations, selection criteria, and eligibility, see the Textbook Affordability Champions information page.

We congratulate and thank all of our honorees and nominees for their hard work supporting open education and textbook affordability for Embry-Riddle students. You may click on any name to bring up more information about the honorees and their impact or visit the Champions Gallery.


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Textbook Affordability Champions

2024 Champion: Brodeen, Harry

Harry Brodeen

2024 Champion: Chauveau, Philippe

Philippe Chauveau

2024 Champion: Falconer, Emily

Emily Falconer

2024 Champion: Gokhale, Jayendra

Jayendra Gokhale

2024 Champion: Groh, Tyrone

Tyrone Groh

2024 Champion: Heath van Horn, Mathew

Mathew Heath van Horn

2024 Champion: Martin, Caitlin and Darlington, Tanya

Caitlin Martin
Tanya Darlington

2024 Champion: Rister, Alex

Alex Rister

2024 Champion: Walton, Bob

Bob Walton