2022 Champion: Brodeen, Harry J.

Presenter Information

Harry J. Brodeen


Harry Brodeen is an adjunct faculty member in the Security Studies and International Affairs Department at the Daytona Beach campus. He received his undergraduate degree at ERAU, an M.B.A from Webster College in Human Resources Management, as well as an M.A. from Naval War College in National Security and Strategic studies. Currently, he teaches classes on Maritime Security and Strategic Planning and Decision Making in Homeland Security.


Daytona Beach


Adjunct Faculty

Courses Impacted

  • HS 342: Maritime Security
  • HS 110: Introduction to Homeland Security

When did you start using OER?

March 2020 after attending an OER workshop facilitated by our CTLE and Anne Marie Casey.

Why did you adopt OER?

In addition to being cost effective, electronic textbooks are actually preferred by many students because they offer features unavailable in printed texts. I've noticed that some students still prefer printed materials, but an equal number appreciate the portability, searchability and ease of use that electronic media provides.

Why are affordable textbooks and/or OER important?

I think OER is important because it affords many students the ability to receive information in a way that is most conducive to they way they learn. When coupled with our Canvas learning management system, OER and particularly electronic textbooks make learning easier for many students.

Open and affordable textbooks at ERAU?

Our Hunt Library is willing and excited to help out. Often I believe that faculty are unaware that OER is an option to them. Start by submitting a 'suggest a purchase' inquiry via the library's ERnie page and select the Ebook option. Not everything is available, but your students will thank you for putting in the effort.

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2022 Champion: Brodeen, Harry J.