2024 Champion: Brodeen, Harry

Presenter Information

Harry Brodeen


Hi Everyone, I’m Professor Harry Brodeen. I am currently an Assistant Professor and Program Coordinator for the Homeland Security and Intelligence degree here at ERAU. I teach Industrial Security, Introduction to Homeland Security, International Studies, Strategic Planning & Decision Making, Maritime Security, Exercise Design & Evaluation, Intelligence Experiential Learning Lab, and other classes in the Security Studies and International Affairs Department. I am also the faculty advisor for Order of the Sword and Shield (Security Honor Society), and the Invent2Prevent team. Most significant, I am a Riddle Alum and remember how difficult it was purchasing textbooks as a student. When I first learned about OER, I was onboard 100%. I found students appreciated being able to access textbooks online via our Hunt Library. While some students prefer hard copy textbooks, most students prefer the searchability, transportability, and affordability of electronic textbooks. I hope more faculty come to realize the benefits of OER to not only their students, but also to themselves as educators. It is an honor being selected as one of our Textbook Affordability Champions for 2024 and appreciate the opportunity to spread the word about OER.


Daytona Beach


Assistant Professor of Security Studies and International Affairs, College of Arts & Sciences

Courses Impacted

HIS 215


  • was able to purchase the electronic version of our HSI 215 textbook through the Textbook Affordability and Open Educationbrodal Resources programs at ERAU. The funding for this purchase was obtained through fees paid by all 2784 undergraduate students at the Daytona Beach Campus. This saved HSI 215 students between $30-$81, as we did not have to purchase the physical text unless you chose to. -- Student Nomination

  • Saved HSI 215 students a significant amount of money by purchasing an online version of the HSI 215 textbook through fees. -- Student Nomination

  • Instead of having his students pay for the required class textbook, professor Brodeen utilized funds from undergraduate tuition to pay for the electronic version, which means his students have to pay $0 for access to the textbook. I appreciate this greatly due to not having much excess funds myself, as well as the rest of the student body. -- Student Nomination

  • He got the library to buy our only required textbook. The textbook that normally cost over $100 and is not available to rent was made available to students free of cost thanks to his efforts. -- Student Nomination

  • This professor was able to purchase the electronic version of our HSI 215 textbook. -- Student Nomination

  • He purchased a textbook for us through funds that we already paid and saved us like 50 dollars because we didn’t have to purchase a textbook. -- Student Nomination

  • He was one of the main contributors in trying to get our HSI 215 textbook free. -- Student Nomination

  • Prof. Brodeen constantly strives to help his students succeed by going out of his way by providing necessary school materials at the lowest possible cost. -- Student Nomination

  • He made textbook access free for his Industrial Security class. -- Student Nomination

  • He is very nice and a good professor. -- Student Nomination

  • He has helped with getting a book for one of his classes for free. He also advocates for students knowing that college textbooks are expensive. -- Student Nomination

  • Professor Brodeen is not only a great, engaging professor, but he also made it so we did not have to purchase the textbook for HSI 215. This was awesome, as many know that after taking 5-6 classes and all the required textbooks for the course, it all adds up. -- Student Nomination

  • Prof Brodeen uses an effective textbook and doesn't charge students for it. -- Student Nomination

  • He bought all the textbooks for the course I'm currently taking, which is a BIG help. As a college student every dime matters, and by doing that helped me save a lot of dimes. -- Student Nomination

  • This professor went out of his way to make his books more affordable by providing them as an e-book for his students and I really appreciate that. -- Student Nomination



2024 Champion: Brodeen, Harry