2024 Champion: Martin, Caitlin and Darlington, Tanya

Presenter Information

Caitlin Martin
Tanya Darlington


Tanya Darlington is an instructor of humanities and communication who strives to create accessible, affordable course content. Caitlin Martin is an assistant professor of composition and Director of the Writing Program whose goal is to help students encounter meaningful writing experiences. Together, they developed the COM 122 “Take-and-Teach" Canvas Shell using open educational resources like Writing Commons and Writing Spaces. This course implemented universal design for learning principles to support diverse learners.


Daytona Beach


Assistant Professor of Composition, COAS

Courses Impacted

COM 122


Dr. Martin and Dr. Darlington developed a "Take and Teach" Canvas course for COM 122 for use by HU/COM faculty, both full-time and adjuncts. The course--which will help ensure that we deliver consistent, high-quality instruction across several sections of COM 122--does not require a textbook, which means that the course's impact spreads far beyond the few classes taught by any individual professor. - Faculty nomination



2024 Champion: Martin, Caitlin and Darlington, Tanya