2024 Champion: Rister, Alex

Presenter Information

Alex Rister




Assistant Professor and VECTOR Co-Director, COAS

Courses Impacted

  • Speech
  • Business Communication


I nominate Dr. Alex Rister, Assistant Professor of Communication at Worldwide, for her commitment to creating engaging, affordable learning environments. When redeveloping two high-volume communication courses in AY 23-24, Alex replaced costly textbooks, including a $60/70 textbook in Speech and a $40/50 textbook in Business Communication, with OER. Alex used Hunt Library resources, including e-books and journal articles, encouraging students to learn to use the library. New course materials also included videos and visuals (infographics, Slideshare presentations, etc.), demonstrating Alex’s commitment to moving beyond text-only resources. Alex collaborated with Instructional Design and Media to create new resources, such as Business Communication’s “Insider Insights” video series featuring experts within and beyond ERAU, to showcase why business communication matters. She also supports student creation of learning materials. Partnering with the communication center directors at all 3 ERAU campuses, Alex developed a service-learning project in Business Communication where students research and develop a communication-related resource to support students at their home campus. Alex works with a team representing VECTOR and the “Writing Matters” QEP on the Academic Resources for Writing and Communication Canvas page in all Worldwide courses. This page features Hunt Library tutorials and resources as well as student support for writing and communication. Finally, Alex partnered with the Hunt and Hazy libraries to create a physical and virtual display in January 2023 for Human Trafficking Awareness Month, showcasing ERAU faculty research in human trafficking as well as a library resource guide on the topic. – Faculty Nomination



2024 Champion: Rister, Alex