Black Box

Table of Contents

  • Rami C., The City Subways (p.2)
  • E. Groom, For Tango (p.5)
  • Gabrielle Pingleton, Gypsy (p.8)
  • Patricia Watkins, Red Hot Pokers (p.15)
  • Daniel Nunez, You Were Supposed to Set an Example (p.16)
  • Audree Davis, For the 19 (p.17)
  • Patricia Watkins, Watson Lake Tree (p.18)
  • Zachary Felton-Priestner, Fire on the Can (p.19)
  • Patricia Watkins, Granite Dells Moonrise (p.22)
  • Jordan King, A Deal (p.23)
  • Caleb T. Williams, Dragon Rider (p.26)
  • Keith Tanner, Technicolor Dream (p.27)
  • Rami C., No Name (p.28)
  • Alexa Pacheco Olguin, Memories of Flowing Water (p.29)
  • Jennifer James, To the Beat of His Own Drum (p.30)
  • Marta Verdun Li Bassi, The Colors of Love (p.34)
  • Mark Sinclair, Weather Forecast (p.35)


The Black Box is a student based creative publication serving the Embry-Riddle Prescott campus. It is our goal to provide a showcase for the creativity and talent of the Embry-Riddle students. Creative works by members of Embry-Riddle's faculty and staff are included.



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